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Changes, Corrections, Deletions, & FAQ

Changes, corrections, and deletions of residential listings will be made at no cost by emailing a request to us. We will make every attempt to expedite your request.

Changes to Business listings will incure a small administrative charge at the following rates:

Delete a Business Listing: No Charge
Add Business Listing: $30.00
Correct a Business Listing: $20.00
Add a Web Site Link to a Business Listing: $20.00
We will make every attempt to expedite your request.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is my Business not listed? No phone lists are complete and are always slightly out of date. In addition, if you do not have a Business line with your phone company, you will not have a business listing in the database.

How do I get my residential Name/Address, or Phone number removed? Just email us a request for a change. However, you should also contact your phone company and review with them what you do, and do not, want as public information. Furthermore, you should check the national online phone listing servers to see how your information is presented and make requests to them accordingly. One good test is to type your phone number ###-###-#### into the Google search box and see what comes up as a search result.

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