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About divide411.com

divide411.com is an online complement to the printed Georgetown Divide Phone Directory which is published every few years for the Georgetown Divide Community.

The primary focus and objective of www.divide411.com is "Local". Also, to provide a very quick way to look up a number without having to open the phonebook. It is a great convenience tool once we remember that it is available to us.

While all phone and address data delivered by this web site are freely available on the national online phone directories, a more local, condensed, and community based online directory can deliver search data more quickly and allows local businesses more visibility.

Furthermore, locating local businesses is much more problematic with the larger search sites in that they usually deliver pages and pages of businesses that you must click through trying to locate a telephone number or address for a particular "local" business.

We hope you will enjoy the speed and ease of use with divide411.com

Finally, it should be understood by all that:

www.divide411.com is only an adjunct to the original printed "Divide Directory" and is in no way financially connected.

www.divide411.com was completed more than a year after after the projected publication of the last printed "Divide Directory" phone book.

While this online version was part of the original phone book vision, Sierra Software Services took it upon itself to complete this online verson and represent all phone book advertisers in some practical manner.

As of February 2012, Sierra Software Services has received no compensation for building the divide411.com web site and its phone data lookup infrastructure.

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